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Andrew O’Connor’s article on ABC reports about a new law to help protect endangered animals. A new biodiversity law has been presented to Western Australia’s parliament with the assurance of protecting endangered species and habitats. Environment Minister, Albert Jacob, says the law will help protect biodiversity in WA’s South West, a recognizable threaten area.

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 The April 21st 2015 article ‘The Future of Cities: Crowdfunding can tackle urban density & issues of inequality simultaneously’ by Rodrigo Niño focuses on the how a different way of financing is needed to support projects related to the rapid growth of urban areas.  The main idea of this article is that traditional financing for urban development is insufficient and a new way called crowdfunding is needed.  

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Oceans and fisheries such as that of the Pacific Ocean have been affected by gas emissions and other gasses such as greenhouse gasses, which have resulted in an increase of carbon absorption in the water. This is due to the fact that since the industrial revolution, humans have made scientific improvements in transportation, electricity and industry. The technologies developed and used by us, however helpful to our daily lives, are harming the environment. The absorption of gasses has resulted in the acidification of our oceans.

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Jocelyne Richer’s article in French-canadian journal Le Devoir entitled “Couillard tient un discours alarmiste sur les changements climatiques” discusses Prime Minister Philippe Couillard’s position on climatic change as expressed at international conference Artic Circle in Reykjavik, in Island. The article’s purpose is to demonstrate the inherent contradiction between the prime minister’s points covered during his speech and his actions towards environment in his province.

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The ‘Water Impacts’ article on the David Suzuki Organisation website explains that the climate change will affect fresh water resources and there will be repercussions on important aspects of our lives and those of different ecosystems.

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Sustainable Earth: Energy By: Brian Handwerk for National Geographic News The problem stated in this article is the lack of access to affordable energy for more than three billion people in the world and a rapid increase in the demand for energy in countries such as China and India.

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The article “As Worlds Population Booms, Will Its Resources Be Enough for Us” primarily speaks of the growing population across the globe and the concern on whether or not we humans are capable of supporting the added life with agriculture, and livestock. The author Dennis Dimmick discusses how there have been many different studies which conducted estimates of the world’s population.

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