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It comes as no surprise that many Canadian provinces have and continue to rely on coal-fire power generation. It’s also not news that Ontario has recently managed to go coal free as part of their initiative to reduce emissions and move towards renewable power sources. However, as great as this is from an environmental perspective it has come at a cost, specifically in the form of expensive hydro bills.

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James Yaw CMC 243-61 Radio TV Writing   James: Live from NPR news in Washington I’m James Yaw. Air quality is becoming a global issue, as a recent report by Canadian news has found that China tops the World Health Organization’s list for deadliest outdoor air pollution with a shocking 1 million deaths last year, which accounts for one-third of total deaths worldwide. William Clarke, biology major at Guelph University, has more.  

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PTSD is mental disorder which many Americans may never come in contact with. For someone in the military though, it’s very possible that if they go into war they may come out with PTSD. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder wasn’t put into the APA until 1980, so what would happen to a military veteran before 1980 who would be experiencing PTSD? Well they would be sent home to cope with their disorder alone. Do I think this was a good idea? Of course not, because often times the veteran would end up taking his own life due to the mental disorder.

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Overconsumption is a problem the Earth is facing especially now as populations are rising and lavish lifestyles are causing stress on our planet. Overconsumption leads to the using up of Earth’s natural resources and is also contributing to growing volumes of waste. The article ‘Agriculture & Overuse Greater Threats to Wildlife Than Climate Change’ highlights the issue that overexploitation and agriculture due to human demand, is actually a bigger threat to biodiversity than the more ‘famous’ issue of climate change.

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