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When a child is born, depending on their sex, their father treats them differently. If it`s a girl, he will swear to protect her even when she`s all grown up and experience life on her own. Whereas boys don’t get the same special treatment, they are thrown into the world with barely any guidelines or help and have to fit their father`s ideals. They only get intervened when they bring shame to a man`s image, so for example if they show weakness such as emotions or pain, or if they play with dolls.

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Whether one accepts it or not, men seek attention by putting themselves in situations involving violence, fights, verbal and/or physical abuse. Why? There is no reason a lot of the time. I am a witness to countless fights over the pettiest issues, involving my friends and a few times, me as well.

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In the article “Obama says comments reportedly made by Clippers owner are 'incredibly offensive' and 'racist'” in the Huffington Post, by Julie Pace, the reader is introduced to the Donald Sterling case, and the reactions it got from various people after its presence in the medias. In April, Donald Sterling, owner of the Los Angeles Clippers and millionaire business man told his girlfriend that she was embarrassing him by posing on Instagram with a black man. He then told her that she shamed him by bringing “black” people to the basketball games of the teams he owned.

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The article “Denver-area students accuse school board of censoring U.S. history” written on September 26 2014 by Kelly Wallace in CNN talks about how the Jefferson County school board in Denver, USA wants to change the way students are taught their history. The proposal written by the school board said that they wanted students to be taught respect for authority and that they should not disobey the authority as well, Jefferson County wants their students to see America in a more positive light.

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