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My invention would invent a company that serves the neediest of our population. This company is ethical, because it will produce school supplies with recycled materials and distribute them to schools to enable all children to study and have the equipment necessary for their academic success. As we cannot have free education and all school books cost a fortune, it will greatly help all the people who want to study. In addition, this company hires people who are in a bad situation. So, this company offers even more disadvantaged job for a better quality of life.

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I'm Noémie Parent Laperle. I am a student at Cegep du Vieux Montreal in business management. I chose this technique because it is an area that fascinates me. I always wanted to have my own company and work on my own. In addition, my parents have their own company which helped me even more to choose my future. I'd like to open a company that could be expanded through Quebec and even Canada. That is why I chose to study business management. In addition, I decided to study in Vieux Montreal, because it is the college that gives the most complete technic.

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