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What constitutes Art is a complicated subject to define to begin with; but when artists begin to appropriate other peoples work the lines become even more blurred. This issue has recently been brought to light within social media when a man by the name of Richard Prince appropriated other peoples Instagram photos, without their knowledge or consent, blew up the images onto to portraits and then with minimal editing (nothing was done except the addition of a sentence to look like he had ‘commented’ on the photograph), he sold these images for upwards of 90’000 dollars.

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             Today in society, one of the number one obsessions is to be fit, skinny and ready for bikini season. It is a universal obsession that is similar to all age groups. “We're in the midst of an epidemic, one that's destroying both the quality and the longevity of our lives. It affects not just us but our children, and likely their children, too. And while this epidemic has been around a while, it's growing at an alarming rate, not just here but around the world.

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In January of 2015, two Islam gunmen found their way into the offices of a political/satire cartoon magazine named Charlie Hebado and open fired. The result of which was the death of twelve staff and the injuries of eleven more. The gunmen claimed they were motivated to commit this act by the deeply offensive and sacrilegious content being published by the magazine, primarily concerning the many offensive pictures’ depicting their prophet Mohammed, which according to the Koran is even illegal to draw let alone publically mock.

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