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Being adopted into a family can be a hard obstacle for some kids to overcome. As a baby, being adopted into a family and being raised by that family makes that person a part of that family. Just because they fit in with their families they still stand out in the American culture.

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In this article written by CNN staff on October 15th 2013, a 7.3 magnitude earthquake shook the country of Japan.  It was approximately 200 miles away from Japan, located in the Pacific Ocean. About three billion dollars of damages have been evaluated.  This is not the first time that Japan has had huge natural disasters hit them, making many casualties as well. In 2011, an earthquake with the magnitude of 9.0 hit the Fukushima prefectures, with about 15,000 deaths. This has had a huge impact on the country’s economy since they always have to rebuild.

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Rape, how hard it is to report, and how hard it is to discredit. In the introduction she specifies that 95% of college women don’t report being raped. Meaning that only 5% of rape victims are reported to the police!

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In this article found on The Guardian, written by Liz Ford, the situation about young women in Africa is exposed. Actually, it is said that the situation concerning teen marriage and pregnancy is urging, because if nothing is done to help, the high rate of pregnant teen will increase of 1 million from here to 2030. In fact, this situation is highly linked to the unequality of men and women because the 15 years old girls have almost no rights on their mariiage and even their pregnancy. Fortunately, the situation is currently held by the UN and they know what is important to do.

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Cancer is something that most people handle with extraordinary care. To top that extraordinary care, it's childhood cancer. This article discusses some common themes amongst families when dealing with a child with cancer. Many challenges arise, and key factors like age & emotional development really can take its toll on everyone in the family. This article takes cancer as a whole and looks at parents’ perspectives of dealing with a child with cancer at various stages, a child/adolescent having cancer, and mechanisms used in the diagnosis of cancer as well as the treatment.

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       In the article Conflict Over Water Rise in Tanzania published on on October 18,2013 , it is said that global warming has made water resources in the Tanzania scarcer. According to the article this worsens the current availability of water in the region. Within 3 years there are around 2000 herders with around 200000 animals who have moved to the area straining the resources and degrading the land.

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Actually in Greece, it is said that seven young people entering on the job market out of ten will be unemployed. At the moment, it represents the highest unemployment level in Europe with a percentage of 62.4% of young adults between the age of 16 and 25. This period of unemployment is caused by the financial crisis that, as we know, affected Greece gravely since around 2010. As the author said, it is now doubly stressful to finish school by seeing what awaits them on the job market when they need to work and study hard for their final exams.

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The importance of SAT testing and its correlation to college admissions.

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