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This article highlights aspects of hacking websites, notable distributed denial of service attacks (DDOS attacks) and protections against them. The technology in question, Shape Shifter, is what is called a ‘botwall’ which stops hackers from making DDOS attacks by scrambling the web application code. This effectively makes the hackers incapable of making an attack against a single source as the source is constantly changing.

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 According to Abigail Elise who wrote the article; Video Games Have No Effect On Children’s Behavior, New Study Finds on the November 22nd 2013, video games and television has been proven to not be harmful to children, but otherwise. A study in United Kingdom has been held in order to determine if video games were causing deficit disorder or depression. Around 11 000 children were used for the studies where the parents would answer survey questions after tracking their kids’ behavior for a period of time. The study concludes that video games can actually improve some parts of the brain.

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