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The man box is about how men are “supposed” to act in today’s world. It is said to be “the rules for acting like a man”. The man box states, for example, do not cry openly or express emotions with the exception of anger; be tough, athletic, strong and courageous; and view woman as property and objects. If a man is seen having a tough day, he will be told to “man up” and “get over it”. However, if the same would be happening to a women, she would be comforted. This is not right!

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Four years before the World Cup in Russia, Racism is still present in Moscow  

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Around the world women and men are constantly not treated the same. Men are treated better than women. For example, if a man goes into a certain job, such as politics, he will be welcomed and treated with respect. However, if a women goes into the same job, she would be treated with less respect and as if she didn't know what she was doing. Also, another example of how women and men are treated differently is, if a women sleeps with multiple people she is considered a “slut” but if a man does the same he is praised.

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