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Cyberbullying is bigger than we thought. It is not just in the high school, but it goes through college and often in the work place. Cyberbullying takes place when someone is harass by the use of internet. It can be someone that creates a fake account, someone that diffuse images or contents embarrassing for the person involve. Cyberbullying often attack the vulnerable person. The type of person that often suffer of cyberbullying are people of color, people of ethnicity and person with different sexual orientation.

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When we found the use of computer, internet and social media we only thought about the positive effect. We would be more effective at work, we could talk with family, ect. We never thought that the web could bring bad effect too. Through the beginning of social network, bullying is one of the most common problem. Too much children are affect by this issue.  

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There are some important topics that are debating through the political election. One of the most recurring topics is the immigration. Some are ready to welcome more immigrant and some are not ready to accept more. The Bloc Quebecois have an opinion on it and many restrictions.

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In this year’s election, the Bloc Québécois had many ideas in order to convince the communities to vote for their political party. Their views on the environment is mostly revolving around oil and gas issues.

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Homophobia is still a burden in our actual society. There are some thoughts that explain the homophobic person tend to be psychotic or they have psychotic trait like hostility, anger and aggression toward others. In some early studies, people with negative reaction to gays and lesbians tends to harbor same-sex desires themselves. Other sudies, say that homophobic are really disgust by same-sex attraction. There is also other reason like religon that don’t accept gays and lesbians.

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In this article it’s saying, that when we were celebrating the woman’s day on  march 8, There was discrimination again. The woman of the J&K were not allowed per exemple to have immovable property and obtain governement jobs. Just in case they marry non-state subjects. It’s just after 20 years that the court finally decided that a woman does not loose her status to a state woman because of her relationship.

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They are facing the question : should abortion be legal ? For one case they introduce the point that every woman have the right to do what they want with their body. They also said that the decision should be left to the discretion of the mother, family, and doctor. They have to do a choice, wich life will they save. They have to choose if they want to keep or kill the unborn baby. Abortion in case of rape should be treated as medical reason.

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In UK They use animals to test new medicines for strokes, cancer and other conditions. Sadly, the experimentation cause more death than useful results. The researchers were more interest by the cost of the experimentation than the animals involved. They are trying to conviced the scientist to change their methods.

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Everyone consume some sort of petroleum even if they're ashamed of it. We know that a car using some sort of gasoline can produce around 8.887 grams of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) per gallon according to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) which is dangerous for the environment and for our health but we still continue to use these vehicles because of the limited range of some electric like the Nissan Leaf, the Mitsubishi i-MiEV or the Ford Focus Electric.

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These days in the province of Quebec, the subject of strike and schools is something students and teachers just can’t ignore. In fact, certain schools have already been affected by the issue happening between the government and the teachers. From my personal point of view, as a student of Champlain College in St-Lambert, I might be affected since I’ve learned from an external source (that I won’t name for privacy) that 68% of Champlain’s teachers have voted in favour of a 6 day strike, if necessary.

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Clara Hughes after 21 years of complete silence have finally confess that during her carreer she was taking substances that improve her performance. A fews months after the cycling's world championships in Sicily she received a call from, Canada's national team director, Pierre Hutsebaut. He announce to her that she has been tested positive for the stimulant ephedrine. She denied it and sais that before the test she leaves her bottle unattended and that someone could put ephedrine in it. She had many problem like alcoholic father, eating desorder and depression.

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