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The films in unit three show us that individuals who had major and minor impacts on history can shape how we understand history. We need to examine both major and minor actors in history to get a full picture. The events depicted in Goodbye Lenin!, show us how the fall of The Berlin Wall effected one family in particular while the events of Selma depict the Selma March and Bloody Sunday from the perspective of Martin Luther King. To exclude one type of perspective is to handicap ones self when examining a period. For example, The Holocaust.

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Historical films affect and construct our understanding of history by being a medium in which the greater public engages with history. A good historical film should not only accurately represent the event or period but also pique the viewers’ interest. Just calling a film “historical” doesn’t make it so. Unfortunately a lot of people will think a film is an authority on a subject because it is “historical” or “based on true events.” This means that viewers and film makers have to be careful with historical films.

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