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Traditionally, war was fought in the trenches or on a battlefield with guns, vehicles, swords, knifes and even bombs. However, after World War II chemist and physicist became a great part of warfare inventing new chemical and biological weapons. In the article Medicalized Weapons & Modern Warfare, it explains how everything changed since World War II.

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World War II greatly changed the mold of warfare; it pulled the war out of the trenches and threw it into streets, towns and cities. However, it affected exponentially the weapons and technology used in the army. The enormous amount of founding provided by both the allied forces (United-States only after attack on Pearl Harbor, Canada, France, Great-Britain, USSR only after 22th of June 1941) and axes forces (Germany, Japan and Italy) are what permitted for their armies to develop exponentially.

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On April 30th 2014, 40 United States armed forces veterans died waiting for care at the Phoenix, Arizona, veteran’s health administration facilities. It is shocking that men and women sacrifice their lives to serve their country by joining the army. But when they come back with Post traumatic stress disorder or any other mental or physical illness many are left untreated.

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Volkswagen as recently been caught in their worst scandal since its creation in the 1940’s. Volkswagen first came out with the clean diesel engines in 2008, however they were not able to meet most countries environmental protection laws. Therefore, to pass the environmental tests Volkswagen installed a sophisticated software to detect when their cars were being tested, thus making the engine reduce emissions and allowing them to past the test. Once on the road the cars would release 10 to 40 times the legal amount allowed.

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17th sept, the new security bills are approved in Japan. This is good news for Shinzo Abe who is always to push these bills. In contrast, that is a result that the majority of Japanese doesn’t want to see. There was a demonstration before the legislative committee congress held. Thousands of citizen surrounded parliament to protest the security bill. This new bills liberate the use of the Japan's military in three conditions: 1,when Japan is attacked, or when a close ally is attacked, and the result threatens Japan's survival and poses a clear danger to people.

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If you ask most Canadians what is your national sport most especially in Quebec the answer would be hockey. However, that is false Canada’s national sport is Lacrosse which is shocking to most of us since most of what the sport news ever talk about when it concerns Canada and sports it’s about hockey and how we won another gold medal. It is a shame that this beautiful game is not known by more Canadians, the sport puts in valor teamwork, perseverance and communication which are essential life skills.

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Apple the symbol of consumption     Simon Ward     Apple has released the new IPad Pro which is considered the most powerful of all the IPad. They also released two new IPhone: the IPhone 6 and 6S which according to Apple are the most advanced mobile in the world. The notable change of the IPad Pro is the size that is 3.2 inches longer.   

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A few years ago, Canada was never considered a possible contender for winning any medal either it be in the Olympics or Pan-American games. A recent surge of talent has pushed Canada in a very good place to fight for a place on the podium. With the first overall pick in the National Basketball Association in 2013 and 2014 being Canadians also Toronto has become a hub for creating talented basketball players with 7 players living in the greater Toronto area on a NBA roster.

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As announced by the White House, the United States of America are preparing to admit 10,000 Syrian refugees. Compared to the previous 2011 setting, which was allowing few 1,600 refugees, this whole process will now house a total of 11,600 Syrian refugees. That migrant crisis is qualified as being the worst since the past World War, and should now be considered as a priority.

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Since 2010, Greece’s survival has relied greatly on the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and European Union (EU) to supply them with much needed funds. However, since Greece has been receiving these monetary bailouts the economy has been getting worse. The economy has shrunk over 25%, unemployment has reached 25% for adults and 50% for youth and a mountain of debt of 320 billion Euros which equals 177% of the country’s GDP. Many members of the European Union have consulted about Greece’s situation and not very many solutions have been found.

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