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During the process of applying to college, students are greatly influenced by the media. One thing specifically that has been studied is the effect that media coverage of college scandals has on the amount of applications that particular school will receive the next year. Too much surprise a significant decline in applications was recorded. When negative information comes into the limelight, students are going to pay attention. Access to the media is literally at student’s fingertips. When students receive this kind of information they are very responsive

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In França and Monteiro's (2013) research set out to observe racist or racially-biased behaviours amongst younger and older white children within a group dynamic. In this, we will only be observing the first of two studies in this paper. The hypotheses that the researchers had come up with were that the white children would be more likely to be credited than their black counterparts in general, and that older children are more likely to display egalitarian values than the younger kids when rewarding others where accomplishments were similar.

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Racism Experienced by the Australian Indigenous Population

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In recent years the concern about childhood vaccinations has become a focus. For the most part in first world countries vaccinate-preventable diseased have greatly been reduced through routine vaccinated programs (Harmsen 2013). Despite the prevention these vaccines have had for people there are still parents who are apprehensive when it comes to giving their children these same vaccinations, there is even a small portion of parents who simply refuse. If these vaccines have been proven to help saves the lives of children, why wouldn’t parents want to give their children the upper hand?

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One of the most recent NFL controversy has been due to Colin Kaepernick’s decision to not stand for the national anthem. His is right to protest the national anthem in support with the Black Lives Matter movement has caused major riffs around the country with many people taking different sides.

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