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The wounds of the battlefield can truly follow you home.  Although the period of testing is nowhere near as long as the WW2, or Vietnam War the veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan have had many difficulties with PTSD.  The findings in the Clinical Psychological Review by Schnurr and Lonne conclude that veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars are likely to experience poorer functioning and lower objective living conditions and satisfaction and have a lesser quality life.  This staggering conclusion really makes you wonder how deep the sacrifice is for war veterans.            

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  Racism Still Happening Today             I have decided to write about how racism is still happening today around the world and especially in the United States. The notes and activities done in class has shown me much on racism although the article I have chosen demonstrates in further detail how the concept of racism continues to be an issue today.

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    Throughout the activities, discussions and the lectures, I have changed my view upon the concept of race. It is much more than the classification of skin color, eye color or hair texture. It is that race is connected to genetic or physical traits, all aimed to classify a group of people. None of which are more important than the other.  

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