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The benefits of studying law as a social science are wide and far reaching. If one believes that law and society are inseparable, then it would be both relevant and necessary to study law as a social science. Law cannot be looked at from one single viewpoint, to do so would be to see only one aspect of the law. The law is fluid, ever changing, and open to interpretation, much like the norms of society, so it is necessary to gain the best understanding of the law in order to fully grasp the concepts and functions of the law.

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You wake up. You overhear the reporter from the television next door. The Purge has become a reality. “The first Sunday of November marks the annual Purge. All crime will be legal and emergency services will be suspended for 24 hours.” You are a student, an inactive one. The choice is yours flight, or fight.

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    In order for law to be recognized and accepted in a society, it must have authority which must be upheld and enforced. The law itself is a form of authority over individuals in a society that exerts a constant power and influence over social interactions of individuals. However, the authority of the law must be recognized and respected in order to have any weight and validity. In addition, the law, its punishments, and rewards must be consistent and fair for the community to respect what it stands for.

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Pamela Kallonen Marisha Caswell JURI1106B Oct 2nd, 2015 Blog Post #1

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    The law plays many roles in my life each and every day, large and small, obvious and non- apparent. Common ways the law impacts me on a daily basis are traffic laws and regulations, bylaws, and copyright laws. Traffic laws govern how I drive, where I am allowed to cross the street, and where I am allowed to park. Particular bylaws that affect me are fire codes enforced in residences: I am required by law to leave the building when a fire alarm goes off, even if it is only a drill.

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