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Gloria, Julia and Elizabeth’s (2011) study investigated the importance of talking about race and racism at an early age. The study took place in the US in a bilingual second-grade class of 15 students; 10 boys and 5 girls. They were to read specific books that raised the issue of race/racism. Some were to respond to the book, while others would draw their thoughts on the book in order to develop their understanding of race and racism in a none harmful way.

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Everybody knows that racism is still a very important and prominent issue in our society. Everyday, people of color or other ethnicities not white are mistreated by law enforcement for no apparent reason. Other than the color of their skin, the law enforcement mainly rely on the situational and community factors when contemplating if nonlethal force is needed or not to apprehend a suspect. This is a very important topic because all citizens should be treated equally by law enforcement no matter what race or community they may come from.

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Racism is unfortunately still very present in our lives today. Prejudice and discrimination is everywhere in our society. We are influenced by our family, friends and society; the upcoming generation must be taught the right way. In the article ‘’ How to raise kids not to be racist’’ By Patricia Kozicka, she explains the importance of discussing the concept of race with our kids. The author mentions that scientific studies have proven that we can differentiate skin tones as early as the age of 6 months old.

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An NFL quarterback gets very upset when seeing all of the police brutality, police shootings and racism going on throughout the country. He feels the need to take it to the next level and make a stand realizing he has freedom of speech. After tweeting and attempting to share his beliefs he later makes a mark on America that will make us think twice about somethings.

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Today, I will talk about the very sad truth of black individuals and their success; more specifically the case of Gabby Douglas and her harsh adventure to Rio’s 2016 Olympic Games. Jared Diamond mentions in his article that it is impossible to identify an individual through any human races, due to such problems with racial classification (Diamond, Winter, 5).

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