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In his research, Ignatius Samuel interviewed 54 African American male adolescents measure the impact of culture on their perspective of help-seeking behaviors. He found that these individuals are less likely to seek help from mental health services especially if they were anteriorly involved with the juvenile justice system. The researcher chose male adolescents between the age of 15-17 that are either still receiving mental health services or that received help in the past.

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this article took a look at the problems that come along with the use of Native American based names and mascots on sports teams across the country

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in his article “Lone Wolf Terrorism is Caused by Muslim Immigration”, Daniel Greenfield states that there is an increase lone wolf terrorism because there is an increase in Muslim immigration. While I was reading this article, all I could think about is how the author uses generalization a lot, and that gives a racist tone to his arguments. For instance, he argues that right now 1% of the American population is Muslim, and they already “disturb” the common peace of the country. For this reason, he thinks the United-States should stop Muslim immigration.

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I am researching the issue of terrorism in America. The main topic I will be focusing on is whether or not Muslims should be temporarily banned from immigrating into the United States.

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           In this shoe advertisement, a young woman is gripping the selling product while being completely naked. The shoe being the only coloured aspect in this black and white image clearly portrays as the most dominant feature in the advertisement. Thus, stating that even the male orientated object itself is more important and dominating than the young woman modelling in the image.

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