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The benefit to studying law as a social science is to have a proper understanding of how laws work within social context, as well as how the law is viewed within the greater society. Law shapes the way that we go about our daily lives. It is important to study law as a social science in order to know what Canadian laws are, as well as how these laws can affect your life. Some laws will personally affect your life. An example of a law that will personally effect Canadians is how crime is punished. When a person commits a crime they are fairly certain of how they will be punished.

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We obey the law because that is what we are told to do in order to be a good citizen. From a young age we have been taught that we need to obey the law. Most parents teach their children that they have to follow the rules, and in turn obey the law. In school we are taught from a young age to sit in our seats and listen to our teachers. This is a rule that we are expected to follow. We follow these rules in school because we would get in trouble if we did not follow them. We would either get in trouble with our teacher or we would get in trouble form our parents when we got home.

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Laws and the legal system construct our everyday lives. Laws make up everything that we can and cannot do. Every day when driving to work we must follow the traffic laws. These laws are in place to make sure that everyone stays safe while commuting to and from destinations. Failure to follow the traffic laws can result in hurting or killing someone. This is why the police inforce proper driving. The police inforce these laws by giving fines and taking away demerit points as well as having the ability to take away an individual’s licence.

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