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Heinze & DeCandia’s (2011) study was performed to retest an experiment that had been previously conducted in 2008. Being that the initial experiment was not of empirical nature, the authors decided to recreate it in order to obtain measurable outcomes. Thusly, this study aimed to determine whether the teaching of certain themes (White privilege and racism) will positively influence students’ thoughts and attitudes regarding these themes.

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In society, today, females have a higher graduation rate than males, meaning that females tend to have a higher level of education than males in the working industry. Although this is true females still tend to earn less money than males. Occupations that are generally outnumbered by women are paid less than occupations outnumbered by men. This gender inequality between occupations creates a large wage gap between males and females today.

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With Halloween season coming up, many are anxious to decide what they will dress up as this year. Among mythical creatures like fairies and werewolves, we can find some more realistic costumes that represent real groups of people, such as Native Americans. While some may think that it is acceptable to dress as a tribal chief to go trick-or-treating, others believe that it is unacceptable and appalling. Accordingly, the following will discuss a recent issue where a Saskatchewanian woman spoke up after finding Indigenous costumes in her local Spirit Halloween store.

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When we hear the word “condom” the first thing that comes to mind is sex. When condom and sex are put in the same sentence, we think less disease and fewer teen pregnancies.

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In our recent Race and Racism classes, we have discussed various ideas that revolve around the creation of a widely used term that is race. Although there are much more beliefs and theories to explain physical diversity among geographical regions, Diamond mentions three approaches which are: natural selection, sexual selection, and random genetic factors. Despite the fact that each of these concepts provide an interesting basis as to how physical traits are distributed geographically, for the sake of this paper I will focus solely on sexual selection.

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