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Everyday women are pressured to fit in the thin and beautiful body of beauty. Every woman wants to look the way society wants her to look like. No one likes disappointment. These researchers believe that body complexions come from the environment and social influences women are put through everyday. Media however is the most persuasive and powerful influence. In fact, some fashion and beauty magazines have been accused of showing only thin and fit women and by refusing to show a variety of different body types they are way far from the normal norms.

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The article I read is called “Stigma of mental illness a 'disturbing' trend in workplace.” It is about how people with mental illness are treated at work by their coworkers and employers. In this article, they talk about how stigma over mental health issues has cost people their jobs. It talks about two specific people, David Newman and Kim Heidinger, in Manitoba. Both these people had awful experiences at work after being diagnosed with mental illness.

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