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After viewing the film Facing Extremism (, post a reponse that addresses your understanding of "extremism." In this response, you should include a discussion of the definition of extremism you found for the last NewsActivist assignment.  An example of a post might be this: Initially, when I read the definition of "extremism," I found that __.  I thought this definition was too broad because ___.

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In a electoral campain, each party's found issues and try there best to resolve them by making promesses.The green party environemental platform is focused on three main issues. Climate change, building a sunstainable economyand  oil sands developpement 

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Since a few decades, we started to be preoccupied by climate change, as we began to understand that a radical change in our daily habits might be the only solution to protect our future. However, it takes a long time for mentalities to evolve and at the moment, we’re not making enough efforts to make a difference. As a matter of fact, we’re starting to face important consequences, as the NASA recently announced that many of its facilities were at risk because of the rise of the sea level.

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In a world where being vegan has now become trendy, some of us are questioning meat consumption and as always, we face the eternal moral dilemma between eating meat or not. Despite our heritage  of proud Canadian producers,  it seems like we are starting to change our consumer's habits: according to a Globe and Mail article, the profit margins in the food industry dropped by nearly 1% this year.

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As most of you, I've seen the image of Aylan, only three years of age, lying on a Morrocan beach. This powerful image, summarizing the cruelty of the inhumane reality of the Syrian migrants, made me realize how lucky I was. But what about the migrants from the others countries, the ones in the shadow of the Syrian crisis? This entry is dedicated to them, as I'll review a "New-York Times" article on the Iraqis migrants.

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