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Environmental Issue Our project is aimed at eliminating incorrect sorting of waste in cities. More specifically, its goal is to diminish the use of garbage cans as the universal waste bins and instead, encourage people to recycle and compost as often as they can. Solution Our approach to this problem is to fabricate stickers that we will put on municipal garbage cans all over Saint-Lambert and that will make people reflect on whether or not what they are disposing of belongs in the trash.

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In order to diminish our environmental footprint, we have decided to implement plants around Champlain college to improve the air quality that will at the same time socially sustainable.  

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Wash and Dry Green Energy In our everyday life, we tend to use a lot of appliances to ease up our lives at home.  However, often, we tend to forget how much we use them and how much energy they consume. Therefore, unconsciously, we’ve been growing our ecological footprint without even knowing it! Furthermore, in our society, eliminating the use of all of our appliances would be impossible, and consequently, there is only so much that one can do to in order to limit one’s production of greenhouse gases.

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