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       How many movies have you seen with a main character that is neither an attractive white woman or a white male? Not many right? That’s what I thought. These movies, old or new will always stun you with a hot blond muscular man driving his Mercedes to pick up his gorgeous brunette, both coming back from saving the world form evil, which let’s be real most often consist of a an ethnic minority antagonist.

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From tweets to online articles, “fake news” seems to be the new trend in the journalistic industry. The favorite words of the American president refer to a spread of false information made by a website (or, nowadays, anybody) that classified it as “real news”. Unfortunately, even in 2017, keeping up with “what is fake and what is true” is still a problem, especially with the rise of social media. Now, let’s brace us for this new wave of fake news: “fake images”.

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In the twenty first century, genetic engineering, also known as genetic modification or genetic manipulation, is becoming a great ethical dilemma in the field of sciences. It is a practice that involves modifying an organism's genetic material. It can also involve taking a gene from one living organism and inserting it into another organism’s genome. The ethical dilemma of practicing this on human lives is argued throughout different ethical frameworks, mostly involving the action itself and its outcomes.

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