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The influence media can have on one’s life can be truly remarkable. More specifically, television shows can often change one’s outlook on life or future aspirations. After all, watching one episode of Suits can certainly promote the field of law as an interesting future career. Although, unlike Suits, which includes a leading female actress as one of the main characters, most television shows portray women in a troubling manner. The portrayal of female characters as sexual objectified inferiors is quite common in today’s television scene.

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The legalization of marijuana has been a recurring topic of discussion in North America over the last decade. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has promised to begin the legalization process for Canada, while some American states, such as Oregon and Maine, have already legalized this drug. Many conflicting issues are represented in this debate. A utilitarianism approach to this discussion would argue that its legalization would benefit the majority of the population and consequently would be considered the ethical answer to this question.

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  Nowadays, many developed countries realized the importance of prostitution industry make the prostitution business legally already. Some countries which depend on the tourist industry even use prostitution industry as a major economic income. However, not all the countries can tolerate the existence of prostitute. In some conservative countries such like China, the governments are still strictly cracked down the prostitution industry. However, their ways of doing thing does not help to stop this industry at all.

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When you are a wealthy parents, you immediately think that the best education your child can get is in a private institution. Unfortunately, a recent analysis about charter schools made by the Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights shows some disparities in these environnements.  

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            In summary, Jen Floyd Engel argues against the public reaction to Greg Hardy’s domestic violence case. The Carolina Panthers re-signed him, the NFL let him play, the fans blamed the victim and we all became bystanders to an issue that was never truly dealt with. The defensive end was originally found guilty and following an appeal was given a misdemeanor. She also discusses the constant oblivious stance we take when defending the stars of our favorite sports teams.

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Companies today are constantly pressured to sell their products by any means necessary. This expectation leads to several corporations objectifying women in order to attract their male consumers. In this advertisement, Tom Ford portrays a naked woman ironing pants for a handsome, well-dressed man as he waits and reads the newspaper. Firstly, I will discuss the issue with the woman’s lack of clothing and consequently her unrealistic body shape.  

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On January 24th, fans from all over gathered around laptops and TV sets to watch the premiere of The X-Files reboot. After nine seasons of content, which capped off in 2002, “baited breath” was the motto as everyone impatiently awaited the return of their favorite myth-busting duo. And though this revival brings the beloved 90s series into the modern era, it seems that FOX was less than eager to extend the same courtesy to leading lady Gillian Anderson.

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