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  The article “No Justice, No Peace” written by Cassandra Chaney and Danielle Joy Davis describe the events of August 9, 2014 in Ferguson Missouri and how the police misconduct lead to many riot and protests around North America.

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The article from BBC news called, “Can Orcas Ever Be Healthy in Captivity?”, reveals a great deal about the controversy around keeping orcas confined. The article talks about Sea World’s decision to terminate the breeding of orcas, meaning that the 29 orcas currently residing at Sea World would be the last to be kept in captivity. Consequently, the organization also indicated that it would cancel its previous plan to double the size of the orcas’ tanks and add multiple features for the benefit of the whales.

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In the article from the Globe and Mail “In PEI, the right to choose: No longer ‘the shame of being shipped off the island'” by Ingrid Peritz, the moral dilemma surrounding the right to abortion is being discussed after a legal change occurring in the province of PEI.       

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In the article “SPCA threatens to end pound services if Montreal bans pit bulls” by Michelle Lalonde a writer of the Montreal Gazette, she discusses how the soon to be implemented law to ban pit bulls is now going to affect the SPCA’s future. The banning of this race forces the SPCA to go against what their purpose is. The SPCA was created with the intentions to protect, care for and to rehabilitate animals who have been neglected and mal treated until they find their forever home.

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