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Are representations of Native Advertising in the media ethical?

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Lately in the news, there has been much debate about the recent anti-terror bill passed by the Canadian federal government to expand the powers and jurisdiction of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS).  In the recent C-51 anti-terror bill, CSIS will have the control of monitoring all Canadians very closely and also be able to access our secret information.  This is practically all in the wake of the recent terrorist attacks on Ottawa this fall that passed, and other similar terrorist attacks seen all around the globe.  Many Canadians, including a former spy for CSIS, Francois L

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Euthanasia is the act of ending one’s life in order to avoid substantial pain or suffering. From a teleological point of view, one’s morality should be defined by one’s summum bonum better known as an end goal. Some people use euthanasia in order to end suffering. Teleology states that if the actions the person takes are in cohesion with their end goal of life, and then by all means it is ethical to commit euthanasia.

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