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Since a few decades, people have followed the vegetarianism movement. Many of us are now wondering why do people try vegetarianism and what benefits does it have for our planet and us. Some people do believe in animal rights and cruelty but many are also concerned about the environmental degradation of our fascinating planet that’s called ‘the earth’. While I did some research on the subject, this ethical question often distinguished itself: Should we banish the meat industry in order to save the planet?

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Last year, at the end of October 2015, the most populous country in the world announced the end of the one-child policy. This public policy of birth control implemented by China since 1979 would henceforth allow the married couples to give birth to a second child, thing that was not recommended to do before. Intended to limit communist China’s population growth, the policy occured mainly by criminalizing parents who have more than one child or by implementing abortions and sterilizations by force.

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An issue that has been brought up recently by the Globe And Mail is of a man, Mohammad Nouman Dasu, refusing to let his children go to their primary school’s mandatory music classes. This issue is extremely controversial, because it confronts the man’s religious beliefs, and Toronto’s school system.    

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In the article “Heaven over hospital: Parents honor dying child’s request” Elizabeth Cohen from CNN raises an unusual situation concerning medical care; can a five-year-old child decide on her own to refuse medical care. 

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