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From someone who never had to defend his sexuality, it might be hard to figure out why Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender communities take so much importance into claiming their rights and equality. Legalization of LGBT marriages and unions is something relatively new, or not achieved yet, and is subject to various controversies. Resources of today, such as media, help LGBT communities to get out from the shadow, express their opinions and claim for their rights, whether news are showing LGBT people with a positive of negative connotation.

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No doubts, fundamental beliefs can be a fragile subject. Some conflicts can occur when these values contrast, since our life choices are based on these values and beliefs. The attack on the satiric journal Charlie Hebdo has been really controversial. One thing is sure, both of the parties did not use the most delicate way to express their disaffection towards each other’s beliefs.

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Syria is now in great needs of help, and it might not change soon. The United States of America, teamed with the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, started supporting Syrian rebels in the civil war against their president, Bashar al-Assad. As if it wasn’t enough, the terrorist group ISIS joined the party, trying to establish their reign of terror across Syria and Iraq.

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Cerebral concussion, or mild traumatic brain injury, is recognized to be the most common brain injury. However, its effects are not well known, and this is where the danger of a concussion is the greatest. First of all, since it is a brain injury, it should be treated with extra care. Concussions may, or may not, last forever. I mean, the effects and/or the damages. As Howard A.

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A concussion is a common injury in most physical sports or activity, although it can occur in many other situations. It is a Traumatic Brain Injury, which means that the brain is shook and has hit the inside of the skull, creating a shock, injuring nerve cells, damaging the blood vessels and causing bruising. There are other more physical impacts, such as bad vision, dizziness, loss of equilibrium, unconsciousness and so on. Finally, it also plays on the emotional part of your brain, causing frustration earlier than it would happen normally, as an example.

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Coming back for the 2015 Canadian federal elections, the Rhinoceros party had now been promoting new ideas. For the ones who know this political party, it is clear that they are absolutely ridiculous. Let me show you some of their ideas:1- Repeal the law of gravity2- Promote higher education by building taller schools3- Ban Ikea and Android phones4- A rhinoceros for every Canadian Citizen5- Make gluten free items illegal

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In a electoral campain, each party's found issues and try there best to resolve them by making promesses.The green party environemental platform is focused on three main issues. Climate change, building a sunstainable economyand  oil sands developpement 

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The new world’s oldest competitive sprinter is now entering the Guinness World Record book at the age of 105. Just after he retires, he was not doing much. In fact, all he did was playing Japanese chest with friends or he was practicing calligraphy. As his friends started to die from old age, he wanted to do something he could do by himself, alone. At the age of 93, he started to practice sprint. He completed his first 100-meter sprint at the age of 96.

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Past weekend, Russian fighter jets flew into Syria while in a stealth mode, which means that transponders were turned off to avoid detection. Somehow, the U.S. was able to detect them with their satellites. (Thanks to U.S. official)

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Even if Volkswagen was the top automaker, their stock’s value dropped from 162.20 $ to 111.12 $ between Friday September 18th and Wednesday September 23rd. Indeed, they faced off a big scandal, maybe the biggest of the year in the industry. During years they sold about 500 000 ‘’eco-friendly‘’ cars programmed to cheat on nitrogen oxide (NO) tests. In fact, those diesel cars spewed almost 40 times more NO than the American legal limit. According to another source, Volkswagen’s credit rating was placed on negative.

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Lately, Boeing had released photos of its new coming Boeing 737 MAX 8, to be done before the end of this year. The new 737 MAX will be the new rival of the already known Airbus A320neo. Therefore, the 737 MAX is not only a new plane, but it is a whole project on improving the fuel-efficiency of planes.

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Costa Rica's governement began an investigation,Tuesday, after tourists disrupted the laying eggs ritual of sea turtles. They really crossed a line, thus the turtles returned to the ocean without lying their eggs. According to an other source, there was three police officers and two park rangers on the field controlling the public. Furthermore, this is the only beach where the local population is allowed to harvest turtle's eggs and sell them.  

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Actually, the Syrian refugees are going anywhere they can. They fled their home country to escape the horrible civil war that is going on since years, and now Europeans are struggling to welcome and protect a so large amount of people in need.

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Past Friday, Toyota Motor Corporation announced a contribution of $50 million robotics and artificial intelligence research effort, teamed with the Stanford University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, with the objective of creating an intelligent car. Lead by Former Pentagon Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency Gill Pratt, this project will focus its effort on advanced A.I. technologies to help human being better.

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As announced by the White House, the United States of America are preparing to admit 10,000 Syrian refugees. Compared to the previous 2011 setting, which was allowing few 1,600 refugees, this whole process will now house a total of 11,600 Syrian refugees. That migrant crisis is qualified as being the worst since the past World War, and should now be considered as a priority.

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Last week the gigantic company Apple did a conference to reveal their new products. They introduce a pencil made for the new IPad pro the Apple pencil.  The Apple pencil first objective is to give a complete precision for those who want to create or to draw everything they want on their IPad. They are offering this product for 99US$ and they are specially created for the IPad pro.

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