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             Freie’s (2014) study looks at the development of social identity through high school juniors. According to the author, white privilege and disadvantages of the student’s working classes are hidden by discussions of normality. Freie observed a school he names River City High School which has predominantly white students (98.5%) from working-class families. To collect his findings, he used observation and occasionally participated in classes and school-based activities of River City High for nine months to collect data.

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Racism is a system in which one group exercises power over another on the basis of skin colour and other physical traits and/or cultural differences. This can be shown through explicit or implicit set of beliefs or assumptions based on the ideology that one group is inherently superior to another. When the article described how a female doctor of colour offered her assistance to an unconscious man during a flight only to be turned down by a flight attendant, it made me think of individual racism.

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I find it interesting how even now, in the world we live in, we still classify people into different races. I don’t get why we feel the need to do this. Being a white female, I have never experienced racism for myself, but I do have friends who have had to deal with. It still surprises me to this day that it persists in our society and continues to be an issue that must be extinguished. I don’t even think that we can categorize humans into different races because though we differ in our physical traits, they are not consistent and are irrelevant with each another (Diamond, 1994, para. 35).

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