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As an organization that advocates for equal rights between humans and animals, one would think that PETA would portray women to be equal to men. Instead, many of their ads show women depicted as sexual objects or seem to encourage violence toward them. The advertisement above, diffused in 2010, shows a scantily clad celebrity, Pamela Anderson. This advertisement compares Anderson to an animal by covering her body in paint markings that mimic a butcher’s diagram and with the caption that reads “All animals have the same parts”.

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        The phenomena of Indigenous women going missing over the past decades has only recently been getting mass media coverage and government attention. This blog post will examine the intersectionalities on Indigenous women and how they have been perceived in their pursuit of justice. First I want to describe justice; justice is often personified through Lady Justice, who is depicted carrying a sword, scale and blindfold. The sword, or 'Sword of Truth' is meant to represent tempered punishment while the scales represent weighted justice.

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