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The article “Study Finds Racial Disparity in Criminal Prosecutions” published in the New York Times on July 8th by James C. McKinley deals with the controversial issue of racial discrimination in the legal system.  A study was conducted in Washington to see if individuals from different “races” could be judged less harshly and therefore, avoid some jail time.  The study compared over two years the trial of participants of different “races”: White, African American, Hispanic and Asian.

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The Huffington Post article “White People Who Do Nothing Only Add To The Racism Problem” written by Simon Lapierre on July 10th 2014 shares a story of a man named Darrell Cannon. He was one man out of over 110 African American who were physically, sexually, verbally and psychologically abused by Commander Jon Burge and other ‘white’ detectives from 1972-1991. These men were victims of torture simply because of their skin color, but it didn’t stop there.

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