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Historically, there has always been tension between governments and aboriginal communities. Often this is the result of neglect on the part of the former. In the case of both the implementation and cancellation of the CAST programs questionable attempt at stocking adult salmon into the tributaries of the Miramichi River, a staple for the provincial Mi’kmaq communities, this neglect is evident. In CBC’s article by Connell Smith, the abundant issues of this program are outlined.

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Often, there are many processes that go into things like oil extraction and refining in order to keep it as sustainable as possible and to minimize its impact on other components around it. However, equally as often those efforts fall short as managers don’t take into account big picture interactions and effects. In the case of Syncrude, a massive producer of Canada’s oil from the Alberta oil sands, it has been found that 31 blue herons have died as a result of unmonitored runoff “tailing” ponds.

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