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Dustin Poirier World Views 2 November 2015                                      The article that I chose is titled” Men are expected to stay inside the ‘Man Box’ – they’re hurt by patriarchy too” written by Sophie Warnes on The article explains how men are also hurt by the patriarchy. Mostly because of the “Man Box”, which is a social construct to teach men how they are supposed to act. The article also speaks about other issues involving men, for example: Sexual assault and domestic violence.  

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                In the article “5 Facts Explaining America’s Enduring Racial Divide” by Ian Bremmer published June 29th 2015 in Time Inc., it is understood that for my people of color, America is divided in two; a racial divide that has been going on for centuries. According to the comparison of various statistics around the world, black America struggles to meet the goal of equality. Bremmer blames 5 different factors for such a divide; education, wealth, health, incarceration and violence.

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      In the article “14-year-old Ahmed Mohamed arrested for beginning homemade clock to school.” Rich McCormick explores the incident that occurred in Irving, Texas on the 14th of September, 2015. Ahmed Mohamed had been arrested at his school due to his teacher confiscating a homemade clock that he had made the day before. The author explains the device was simple, made from circuit board, a power supply wired to a digital display inside of a casing with a digital screen on the front. Although when he showed his clock to his teacher, she confiscated it from him.

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On the 8th of July 2015, Katie Roger’s article called “Paula Deen faces backlash over ‘I love Lucy’ posting”, published in the New York Times discusses the second scandal Paula Deen faces in her career that is about racism. This time the controversy was caused by a picture that was posted on her social media accounts where Bobby Deen, her son had skin darkening makeup on his face. However, the picture was from her Halloween special that aired in 2011 where she and her son were dressed as characters from “I love Lucy”, a television sitcom.

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