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Decades ago, individuals who suffered from mental illnesses were imprisoned in shackles, out of sight and out of mind of “society”. Today, these metal shackles are gone, but the shackles of social stigma and profit-driven treatment remain.

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The issue in the news that I’ve been writing about and plan to do my essay on is the stigma around mental health, how drug-free treatment (such as counseling and group therapy) is more effective than pharmaceutical treatment, and how these two topics have a connection. Some of the news stories that I’ve summarized that really caught my attention and inspired me to dig deeper was the story of Alain Magloire, a mentally ill homeless man who was shot and killed by police as well as the story of the 20 year-old Sasha Menu Courey who was raped by three of her fellow classmates.

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In 1907, Alois Alzheimer, a German psychiatrist, was presenting is studies on a 51 years old women who was suffering from presenile dementia which is now known as Alzheimer’s disease. His paper was a great advance in the research of this disease and that’s why they changed the name of the disease to his name. His paper also allowed to make this situation a disease instead of a standard situation related to ageing. Mr.

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“Impossible!” would shout the average person who has attended an eastern European wedding. Alcohol is so intertwined with the cultural traditions of Slavs that a dry wedding would be hard to imagine but not for Priest Włdysław Zązel who is the leading figure of the movement “Wedding of the Weddings”.

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The Article Violence, USA by Henry Giroux reveals how acts of gun violence, terrorist attacks, and violence in media have influenced its American Society. Giroux reveals that the main problem is the endless chains of violent events, have caused the United States to change from a peaceful culture to a more warfare like culture since the attack of 9/11. He has found that in many case studies, schools, prisons, and boot camps have become harsh in punishment in certain areas of the US population.

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Euthanasia has always raised several debates. In the following paragraphs you will read two similar stories from completely opposite parts of the world. These stories come to demonstrate the reason for opposition of euthanasia. Following these real life situations is an exploration of the medical and government views on supporting and challenging euthanasia. As you will read, for political achievement and medical advancement, euthanasia has been a source of controversy in every part of the world.   

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