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The article “Racism on the Rise in Australia: migrants report cultural shift” by Cosima Marriner in the Sidney Morning from April 6, 2014 explains the current situation of racism in Sydney. Racism is becoming very common is Australia, from being harassed on public transport, not getting a job interview to regularly being asked about your origin and when did you move here? A survey done by the Scanlon Foundation has shown that the percentage of discrimination against skin color has increased by 7 percent since 2012.

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Some children might have what we consider the perfect childhood, while others need to fight just to live one more minute. Some children need to fight against a disease that has no cure and others need to work, when they would be suppose to be at school,  just to get one meal a day. Children are never suppose to go through such things, I always believed that childhood is a moment where children are suppose to learn, play, be happy and not to worry about tomorrow.

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“A New Beginning with a Cancer Diagnosis”

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Cancer chemotherapy comes with different side affects, the two most common side affects are vomiting and nausea. Although hospitals use antiemetic therapy, which refers to the implication of drugs preventing nausea and vomiting, around 40% of cancer patients suffer from nausea and 75% suffer from vomiting. If these side effects are not kept under control, they can lead to other difficulty, being anorexia or metabolic imbalances, that will worsen the patients conditions.   

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As a young adult, I know how stressful it can be to think about what you would like to do for the next 30 years or so of your life. Questioning if all this hard work at school will be worth it, if at the end of the day you will like the career you chose or if you will have an impact on the world surrounding you. You might even think that once you started studying in a certain field, you can’t go back, you can’t switch career path. While doing research for this article, I came across a woman with a path that was not only surprising but very inspiring.

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According to the website the mission of Make a Wish Canada this year is to grant the most wishes of children that live with life threatening illness in hopes of enhancing the experience as much as possible with hope, strength and joy.  Different volunteering opportunities is available if interested in helping this foundation. One of the easiest ways is to donate to Make-a-Wish Canada to help transform lives of different children. If you are interesting in volunteering and giving you time, different opportunities are available.

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Euthanasia has always raised several debates. In the following paragraphs you will read two similar stories from completely opposite parts of the world. These stories come to demonstrate the reason for opposition of euthanasia. Following these real life situations is an exploration of the medical and government views on supporting and challenging euthanasia. As you will read, for political achievement and medical advancement, euthanasia has been a source of controversy in every part of the world.   

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The article “Russian LGBT activists arrested on first day of Sochi games” posted on February 7, 2014 talks about the arrests and the inequality towards gays happening in Russia during the Olympics Games.  The police in Russia has arrested at least 14 gays that were protesting in Moscow and St. Petersburg on the day of the opening of the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics.

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In the article “Canadian cities to fly gay pride flags in Olympic protest” written February 6 2014, Allan Woods talks about the protest taking place in Montreal about gay rights that has been raised by the issue of Russia’s anti-gay laws. Montreal is one of many Canadian cities that have decided to raise the gay pride flag for the duration of the Olympics Games in recognition of all the gay and lesbian communities in Russia.

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On Thursday, it was announced that, just like in other Canadian cities, the LGBT ‘rainbow’ flag would be raised above Montreal’s city hall.

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A recent article published in the Toronto Star has author Keith Beaty debriefing us on how death can have a silver lining. Mother Eya Kotulsky was deeply saddened with grief after the loss of her son in 2004. Following his death, she decided to turn the situation around by signing his donor’s card. Although his organs were worthless, his tissue, corneas, bones, knee and ankle joints were able to be donated.

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In the article " Brazil dolphin is first new river species since 1918" posted on January 22, 201, Matt McGath informs us of a new specie. One of the rarest creatures in our world is the river dolphin. Three out of the 4 river dolphin can be found on the Red List, which means that they are seriously at risk of extinction. The first river dolphin since the end of World War One has been discovered by scientists in Brazil.

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From time to time, we see something so shocking and awful that we wonder what our generation has become. We see a million things, from stories we hear to events that happen that are outrageous. Well this week a new app on itunes and google play targeting little girls was created. The purpose of this app was to perform plastic surgery on models. This created a major wake up call to multiple people across the world.

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Melissa Dahl, author of the article “Texters can’t walk in a straight line, study shows” published January 22, 2014 informs us of a new problem, texting and walking. A new study has shown that texting on your phone while walking actually changes someone demeanor, it causes people to walk slower and also making it harder to walk in a straight line. Some Australian researchers filmed 26 men walk while texting and once walking normally.

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The article “Are the cross fit enthusiasts more prone to injury?” published 16, 2014 talks about the disadvantage of crossfit. Since 2000, CrossFit has being considered one of the most popular workout. This workout is known for it’s short but intense time intervals combining different types of workout exercises, sometimes operated with or without equipment.

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The National Transportation Safety Board of the United States and the National Transportation Safety Board of Canada have come up with a list of recommendations to improve safety for the transportation of crude oil by train. These recommendations follow some catastrophic incidents including the one in Lac-Mégantic last summer. The recommendations included that the rail road companies should be protected for the worst case scenarios by insurance.

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