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My idea is to create environmental pairs of shoes. These shoes should be ethical because are created in Canada. They encourage the local business. They don’t exploit the young people in Canada. These shoes are made with recycled things.  On the top of these shoes, it has little bit of rocks that provide from Quebec. The price will be approachable for allowed everybody to buy it. I need your help for subvention my business. Start business in Canada is more difficult than starts business in the U.S.A.

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The products Earth lab cosmetics propose are a new thing in the cosmetics industry. There is an important market for ethical cosmetics because women are tired to deal with clogging pores or irritated skin from wearing their makeup. As well, in our society, people tend to care about animal rights and ecology. This company propose cosmetics that are animal friendly, people friendly, and friendly to our environment. Most of their products are 100% vegan, it contains no animal products and nothing is tested on animals.

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 Claude Marie YapoGroup 1030  Founded in 1948 by Soichiro Honda, Honda Motor Inc. is one of the most important car makers in the world. Thanks to it philanthropy and it ethical business, the company apart from its competitors. In fact, the article that I choose, talked about the new website of the North-American’s Honda subsidiary had been launched. This new website aims to show the various efforts that made the company for the community and its customers through four principal pillars: environment, diversity, community and education.

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I have decided to talk about Subway Company because I believe it is an ethical business. First of all, this company import their vegetable from country that doesn’t exploit the children. Also, Subway presents a healthy menu. She encourages the people with her active life program. This program helps people to lose weight and to have healthy life and support them with a mentor/coach. Subway Company supports the young sport teams. She subsidises local team and provide them with free submarines and bottles of water during sport tournament like hockey, golf and soccer.

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Hi, My name is Sarah and I’m 19 years old. Now I’m studding at «Vieux-Montréal» College. It’s my second year there. I have another year to complete my technic in the Business Management. After my program, I want to study in HEC University. I live on the South Shore of Montréal. Also, I work part time at Subway.

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