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The book I shall be using is called Cycling and Society. It was published by Dr Peter Cox, Dr Dave Horton, and Dr Paul Rosen and was published in 2007. The book attempts to bring a social scientists perspective to cycling, which is largely unexplored. It attempts to to show the significance of cycling when it comes to social and political debates in the United Kingdom.       

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Abstract: After a rise in use of bicycles, some countries in the world have noticed how safety for cyclist can be improved. This paper looks at one of these countries, Netherlands, and how the public reacted to it and the safety it brought with it. It then looks at Australia, where they made a similar system and analysed how it impacted health. Finally, this paper will look at how a similar system would impact Montreal and if it would work out.

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Abstract : The issue with Rights  

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Over the course of this semester, I have written, commented, and submitted a collection of posts to Newsactivist. In this project, our final Newsactivism post, I will reflect on my news summaries, my volunteering opportunity, and the overall connection between all the work I have completed during this semester.    

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I care about the topic of drug-free treatment for mental illness because I strongly believe that it should be encouraged around the world. I’ve seen people in my life that are close to me suffer from mental disorders and the horrible side effects they had to go through while taking pharmaceuticals and visiting doctors every week. I care about it even more than I did before because I know a lot more about it now. In order to get my results, I read and analyzed specific chapters from 3 different novels that I found the most relevant to my topic.

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I found an article Are Recent College Graduates Finding Good Jobs? (Jaison R. Abel and colleagues., 2014), which did a great job on discussing issues about unemployment and underemployment of people who do or do not have a bachelor’s degree or higher, and have recently graduated or not, and formatted figures based on data of different way to look into the question.

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Pamela R. Bennett and Andrew J. Cherlin both from Johns Hopkins University used data from the Three-City studies and the U.S. census to follow 1,059 low-income women from 1999 to 2005. They tracked the types of neighborhoods they lived in and how it affected women on welfare as well as the neighborhoods they lived in after welfare ran off. They tried to see if women that lived in better communities could become more self-sufficient.

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Keegan Stephan is a resident of New York City who has been concerned with traffic issues in his community. He has spent a considerable amount of his time to make those issues much less of a problem. He is a cyclist in New York who has been trying to make cycling a much easier and safer activity within the city. To do this he takes part in many community building activities, showing the perks of being a cyclist.

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This organisation makes volunteers assist with programs, certain events and the needs of its members. Volunteers will need to pick up the groceries for the organisation's weekly Dinner & Discussion, driving members where they need to go and run errands for day to day events. The core values of this organisation are to provide services for people with HIV/AIDS and help them deal with their situation while providing a better standard of living. To contact, a volunteer would need to contact the organization's volunteer coordinator* by calling 514.527.0928.

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ABOVAS is an organisation that ha s the goal of providing transports for people who are not able to get to their medical appointments by their own means. Volunteers drive and accompany vulnerable people from West-Island to their appointments and are the only compensation is for usage of petrol and other necessities for transport. Volunteers listen and are there for the people they transport and drive them home after their appointment. There are no major projects that this organisation participates in.

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The core values of this organisation are to provide support for people who normally would not have any. Le Phare de Longueuil sends teams of people into places where people need help and make sure that they are ok. One of the places to go would be in a prison, where people would go into a prison and listen to prisoners share their experience. The idea is that simply listening helps the prisoner deal with his/her issues and helps them deal with their situation.

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The core values of SPCA Montreal are to give animals a voice; they wish to give protection to animals against negligence, abuse and exploitation. They also seek to represent animal interests while insuring their well-being and make sure that people are compassionate towards animals. SPCA Canada first opened in Montreal and mainly started off with the treatment of horses. Currently, their goal is to provide shelter for animals in need and find a suitable place for them to live a happy life. There are many ways to help and assist SPCA Montreal as a volunteer.

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The need of transport affects everybody in our society. Whether it is to get to school, work or to meet up with people, none of that would happen if there were no means of getting there. The automobile has been for a long time the most popular way to get from point A to point B, but now with the prices for petrol getting higher and in a near future the possible lack of fuel, other transport systems are getting much more popular.

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The article “Q&A: Scottish independence referendum” written by Andrew Black and published by BBC Scotland on November 26th 2013 deals with the Scottish separatist movement and the details surrounding the fall 2014 referendum in a Q&A format. The referendum will take place on September 18th 2014, coinciding with the 700th anniversary of the Battle of Banockburn, a victory for the Scots during the wars of independence.

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January 26 Original article:

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Since the removal of the Taliban government in Afghanistan, about 55% of the child population over there is suffering from a serious case of malnutrition. Afghanistan is one of the poorest countries in the world; people over there are making usually 2 or 3 dollars a day, so the task of feeding their children becomes a very difficult task. The result of this is malnutrition, which causes major issues with child development and later on the fate of the country.

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