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  Introduction Social networks are relatively new and their apparition had change the daily life of everyone. Especially because they are everywhere, even in publicity. Indeed, publicists now have to include social media in their advertising campaigns. Even if it seems simple to use social networks it is completely different to use them for a brand or a company. If a brand want to succeed on social networks it is important to understand the functioning of them and the difference between all the different platforms.   Functioning

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How to become a flight attendant Being a flight attendant is a very beautiful profession but many people have prejudices against it, they think that everybody can do the job. In fact, the air hostess have to go through a very long and selective training process. The companies are always looking for a specific kind of person. To obtain the job, there are 3 main aspects. That person needs some basics resources and knowledge, a lot of tests and a long training.

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In professional life, dealing with deadlines on a daily basis becomes normal. Working on a long-term project can be heavy work, if not properly prepared. Making the best of a time given by scheduling the workload is highly suggested. This is a process description of how to manage a television production schedule in VFX. In television making, VFX is used as an abbreviation of visual effects which are animations that are generated by a computer. By producing an accurate schedule, this process ensures the right connection between the workers and the supervisors.

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