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Name: Gretta-Olivia Ineza                                               Burundians lives matter   During the semester, the majority of my posts on new activism were about the accurate situation in Burundi, my native country, which is located in East Africa.

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Migration in the world is strating to have an impact on everyone. This reality is tranforming societies into multicultural ones. Plural societies are often having all sorts of trouble while dealing with all their differences. All cultures cherish their identities and want to preserve them. The question of how societies should manage the cultural ethcnic, racials, and linguistic differences stays a controversial debate. Is it possible to manage diversity into multicultural societies? Several models are proposing solution to create perfect cohesive communities.

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In the article Thailand Is Losing the Fight Against Human Trafficking, published in The Huffington Post on December 2015, Matt Rusling writes that even if the Thai government has said it would try to fix the human trafficking problem, things have only been getting worse. A huge number of migrant workers go to Thailand because of the precarious economic situations in their home country.

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As I was reading "Human trafficking crackdown on sex trade across Canada yields 47 people charged" from CBC news, I read a part of Timea Nagy`s story. Most of the article was stating how multiple police operatives from over 40 different police departments across Canada did 137 arrests in the field of human trafficking. The article also stipulated that 47 additional arrests were done and 20 victims were saved from inhumaine labour. "Most of the victims were under 19 years of age; some were as young as 14".

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     Illegal immigration is a phenomenon that happens all over the world, especially in times of social, economic, political, or environmental crisis. The conditions of these immigrants with illegal status are most often precarious, but these vary with the policies of the countries where the migrants go. Through looking at different sources that come from different countries, we can compare some of the conditions of these migrants in different parts of the world.

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The 2016 presidential election of the United States of America will only take place in November, but the world talked about it since a long period of time. The news talks most of the time about the candidates’ campaign and their issues along with their worldviews.

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To begin, this news article entitled ‘’ Trump stands by statements on Mexican illegal immigrants, surprised by backlash’’ posted by FoxNews on July 04th 2015, mentions how mogul Donald Trump made racist and inappropriate comments about the hispanic community during his presidential campaign speech. His chauvinist remarks consisted of generalizing that immigrants from Mexico were all illegal criminal violent rapists. Wanting to establish change, he proposed the idea of placing an efficient security system at the border in order to keep the American population safe.

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              The 15 commodities, such as tuna, palm oil, beef, etc. and 100 companies, such as McDonalds, Unilever, and Ikea, are those in interest because they are the ones that are making the biggest environmental impact. If these companies make the right changes towards becoming sustainable, the other companies in competition with them will have to do the same in order to stay in the market and current. The 15 commodities are those that are the most significant according to the WWF, and the 100 companies are those who control 25% of the 15 commodities.

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Though support for the LGBT community seems to be gaining traction in certain parts of the world, there are still many countries where the concept of gay sex still promotes violence and disdain.

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