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            Law as a social science is a study that is important for everyone to have at least a basic understanding of. One of the most important benefits of studying law as a social science is learning how the law impacts human behaviour. Some laws may not necessarily change society as a whole immediately, but it does have an effect on how people view the world. For example, the Somerset case changed people’s outlook on slavery and helped determine what rights slaves were supposed to be entitled to. However, the ruling didn’t abolish slavery.

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           Following the law is a major part of how we live our lives.  In my opinion, following the law is based on some of the following things: our upbringing, political obligation, and fear of punishment.  Our upbringing has a major impact on why we follow the law.  I believe that since my parents are my role models and law abiding citizens I’ve grown into one as well.   They have taught me right from wrong and the importance of being a respectful and contributing citizen.  Political obligation, our moral duty to obey the law, is another reason why we follow the rules.

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Blog Post #2 Miranda Caruso  

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            The law is put in place to ensure that every human being is given the same rights and is treated with fairness and respect. There are two reasons that someone might obey the law. The first is that they are afraid of being caught and punished for doing something bad. They do not necessarily believe in the laws they follow, but for fear of consequence, they do obey anyway. The second reason people obey the law is they genuinely believe in the laws and think they are put there for the good of society.

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            The law and the legal system structures a great deal of my daily life. One constant way I follow the law everyday is when I am driving. Everyday when I drive my car to school or work I follow all the set traffic signs and speed restrictions. I do not run red lights when I am running late or go through a stop sign when I think no one is around. I make sure to keep my phone away from me so I am not tempted to send a quick text or check my messages. I always make sure I have my seatbelt fastened. I do not eat or drink when at the wheel.

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