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As I've said in many earlier articles and more specifically in my last one called ''Causes of Stress in a College Student's Life'',  stress is a growing issue in our 21st century North American society and  especially when it comes to young adults. They are expected to go to college so they can get a good job later and when they make it there, the pressure they endure is sky high. Not only they have to upgrade their study methods and work harder than they ever did, they have to leave the family house and adapt to a completely new lifestyle. No wonder why they are crumbling under pressure.

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This is an advertisement for pre-owned Aston Martin luxury cars. The print shows a thin, blonde woman, wearing skimpy lingerie and high heels paired with a revealed bottom. The position of the woman shown can be considered sexual. The advertisement is controversial itself but gets even more problematic when you read the slogan: “You know you’re not the first, but do you really care?” The slogan is showing how owning a used or “pre-owned” good is acceptable, in which this ad is referring not only to an Aston Martin car, but also to a woman.

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   On February 5th 2016, an article on Huffington Post Canada highlights the protest a group of boys from California’s Buchanan High School took part in. A recent dress code was enforced at this High School in regards to the boys banning long hair and earrings, and that only girls were to be able to wear dresses or skirts. Therefore, both female and male students of this high school tested this new policy switching gender norms. The students also began a petition with already 3,500 signatures. One student named Emma Sledd states that what they wear does not define them as students.

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