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In today’s western society, there are categories that all people must declare that they fit into; man or woman, gay or straight, black or white, for example. People who do not fit into a category, or who do not fit into whatever preferred categories there are at the time, can and will face discrimination and hardships. Around 30 years ago, gay and lesbian citizens were able to earn rights in Canada (and are currently earning rights in the United States to this day) and in doing so faced and still face discrimination, homophobia and slander on a daily basis.

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(For this article, I will use 'they' and 'them' pronouns to refer to Bruce Jenner because they have not confirmed which pronouns they prefer)  

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Men's Health magazine is holding a contest for anyone who gets enough votes to have their picture on the cover. So far, Aydian Dowling is in the lead with nearly twice as many votes as the contest’s runner up. The magazine says that its judges are looking for anyone "who is fit and fearless, a doer who gives back and leads by example." Dowling says that those are the qualities that he tries his best to instill in himself, making him not only an eligible candidate, but possibly the winner.

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In recent news, Senator Donald Plett proposed an amendment to Bill C-279. Bill C-279 added gender identity to the Canadian Charter of Rights and freedoms as a basis for hate crimes. For example, it is illegal to deny a person health care or financial aid because of their gender identity. Senator Donald Plett believes that female members of his family have a 'right' to use the washroom with other members biological sex. In doing so, he is putting the rights of one group, cisgender females, over the rights of another group, transgender and gender-non-conforming folks.

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Last Thursday, the state of Indiana passed a controversial law, Bill 101, also know as the Religious Freedom Restoration Act which allows business owners to deny service to certain customers on the basis of their (the business owners’) religious beliefs. The new piece of legislation was interpreted by the public as an opportunity for overt segregation, especially regarding the LGBT community. Some people took to the streets of Indiana in protest, but a far larger number reached for their smartphones and tweeted using the hashtag #BoycottIndiana to make their voices heard. The movement garnered celebrity support from the likes of George Takei, Miley Cyrus, Hillary Clinton, Chris Rock and many others. The aim of this hashtag campaign is essentially to impose economic sanctions on the state by refusing to buy goods or services either produced in, or from businesses headquartered in Indiana in order to denounce what is seen as a discriminatory law hidden under the cloak of freedom of religion. This most recent wave of hashtagtivism highlights a very important ethical issue, some may even say it is at the core of democracy; that of the separation of Church and State.

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(Trigger warning for use of offensive slurs- Not used with intent to offend, but better to warn!)

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In October 2014, the Canadian Senate passed Bill C-279, which added gender identity as a basis for hate crimes under the criminal code under the Canadian Human Rights Act. This is very progressive of us, and I was proud to be a Canadian in a time where we were becoming closer to equality for everyone. Senator Donald Plett changed my mind. Plett, of the Conservative Party, proposed an amendment that would exempt Bill C-279 from applying in gendered public facilities, such as washrooms or changing rooms.

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Head & Hands, located in NDG in Montreal, is a non-profit organization geared towards the physical and mental health of today's youth. In particular, Head & Hands is known as a great resource for LGBTQA+ individuals looking for health care. It has been open to the public since 1970.

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For the past few years, and especially now in 2015, the transgender and non-binary community's voices have become louder and louder. The details of Bruce Jenner's transition are all over the news, and celebrities like Laverne Cox are getting more and more recognition for their talent, not just their non-conformity. While non-binary and non-gender conforming people are being seen by the public with more passion and empathy than ever, there are still serious issues that trans, non-binary and other people face on a daily basis.

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Food; a broad term for sure, many thoughts come to mind when the word food is said. It could drift the attention to diet, obesity, comfort and pleasurable food, all the way to junk food. However, they all boil down to one source; it is the food industry. But how clean and concerned is this industry with people’s health? Probably, not at all.

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EXTRA! EXTRA! The news industry is struggling to make profits. This is not breaking news, as statistics have shown the print industry’s rapid decline and the expanding number of online news sources over-saturating the market. It is no surprise that making money in this industry is difficult. That is why in recent years, publishers have succumbed to their advertising partners’ new strategy, called native advertising.

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Activists Say Skip 'Fifty Shades' and Give Ticket Money to a Women's Shelter written by Liz Dwyer on February 4th for looks at the other end of the Fifty Shades of Grey craze and how problematic it really is.

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Glossary of Terms 1.Transitioning: The process of socially and physically transitioning into one’s desired gender. 2.Passing: Successfully being perceived as one’s gender identity. 3.Gender Dysphoria: A condition where an individual does not identify with their sex at birth.

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Why We Need Affirmative Consent on College Campuses written by Madeline Diamond on December 11th 2014 for Huffington Post details some of her personal experiences of rape culture on college campuses across North America, along with stories and examples from the past year. She begins her article with a brief personal story about the selling of "I HEART CONSENSUAL SEX" merchandise at her own school's orientation and how she did not originally understand the importance of consent in the college social setting.

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A fur farm in Monteregie holds unhealthy animals in their barn that are malnourished and badly taken care of. The government barely pays attention to this problem, caused by the lack of laws towards this matter. However, the government specifies that the case discussed is rare and that usually everything is under good circumstances. “Really, if you can imagine what hell is like, that is what these animals are living in. It’s hell.” says SPCA’s director of animal advocacy Alanna Devine, “We’re talking about horrific, horrific conditions. It’s absolutely unacceptable.”

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            Uproar of powerful emotions from the general public has arisen after the unarmed shooting of Michael Brown from Ferguson, Missouri.  But this time, feminists have stepped up to the plate on talking about racism.  In the article ‘Feminists Take on Race and Police Conduct Post-Ferguson’ written by Ruth Tam (published in the Washington Post on September 1st), it explains how Caucasian feminists are beginning to realize and acknowledge how much race has an impact on women’s lives.  Before, Caucasian feminists have put an extreme emphasis on gender inequality and income inequality be

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