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Child soldiers are a very serious problem in our world today. Tens of thousands of children under the age of 18 are victim to being soldiers every year in regions throughout the world. Some of these children are even under the age of 10 years old and are subjected to these terrible conditions and are forced to leave their families and they’re lives behind and adopt a whole new way of life, a bloody and very dangerous way of life.

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Sea World captures numerous innocent animals straight out of their homes in the ocean. They use these Orca whales in entertaining shows in order to get money from kids and family's to come watch their productions. Dolphins, turtles, whales, seals etc... are all animals that sea world takes in order to benefit themselves. People began looking into the situation of sea world and begun to realize that these whales are being put into small areas to hold which results in these animals being traumatized and crazy. They should be able to swim in the large ocean where they belong.

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            This morning, December 4, 2015 at 6:18AM EST, there was an attack in Cairo, Egypt that killed 16 people. The attackers were potential customers who then had an argument at the door, which quickly turned into a fistfight. The attackers threw Molotov cocktails at the door of the nightclub. Since the nightclub was in the basement of a restaurant, there was only one entrance/exit, which was covered in blazing flames. 11 men and 5 women were killed either by burns or smoke inhalations. There were 6 people suspected to be injured.

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