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The internet is a strange place where you never know if what you are reading is true or not. Anybody can make a website and say whatever they please. It could be fact, fiction, or just their opinion, so it all gets jumbled up. Because of this, people are misinformed about vaccinations. There are multiple websites in place displaying false information about why vaccinations are bad.

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We have all heard about the recent trend for parents to refuse vaccinations for their children. There were claims that the vaccines caused Autism or other health issues.  Since these false claims had been made, there have been multiple campaigns put into place to encourage parents to vaccinate and protect their children against various illnesses.

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The green party promises and shows involvement in the healthcare system.  They have campaigned to increase dental care coverage for children and want to invest money into the care for the elderly as our population is aging. Compared to all other federal parties, the green party shows the most interest in improving the healthcare system including family doctors, treatment in rural areas, and health research.

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Martin Shkreli, the CEO of Turing pharmaceuticals, recently got the marketing rights for Daraprim, a pill used in the treatment of HIV, and not too long after, raised the price per pill from $13.50 to $750. When people heard about this, he was attacked by people saying that he's ripping people off and just doing an easy money-grab.

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Abortion has been a topic debated over for as long as I could remember. Many believe it is murder and should be illegal and others just want a choice.

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Almost all of us have an account on Facebook. We watch videos, chat with our buddies, read the latest news on out favorited celebrities, and like our friends' photos. But what would it be like with an added button?

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Over the past few months, I've heard a lot about parents who choose not to vaccinate their children. Even some celebrities, including Jenny McCarthy, are jumping on the bandwagon. Now, the Australian government is pushing for a bill where parents who don't vaccinate their children won't get any child care or other care payments. "The choice made by some families not to vaccinate their children is not supported by public policy or medical research, nor should such action be supported by taxpayers in the form of family payments" 

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Hip-hop, throughout the years has sparked incredible debate. The genre seems to have been the fuel to express oneself, especially towards the harsh realities of society in the black community. For nearly 45 years artists have been using hip-hop to poetically convince their listeners. This has had positive outcomes and unfortunately, some bad ones. The main problem with hip-hop is how it is portrayed through the media. This then leads to a bigger problem… Racism. So, is hip-hop helping society’s complications or just making it worse than it is? In other words, is it benefitting everyone?

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You are lying in the hospital bed, weak, in pain, knowing that there is nothing left for you than to just wait. Wait for death to come to you. Would you want the option to end your suffering there?

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Just a few weeks ago, youtuber Nicole Arbour posted a video that quickly went viral, called “Dear Fat People”. In the video, she claims that fat shaming is just something invented by people who are overweight. She made multiple rude jokes and went overboard, as comedians do. Most people responded negatively to her video and just didn’t see her jokes as funny. Through all the yelling, rudeness, and useless stories, I do think she has a point.

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