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On August 24 2016, an earthquake killed 295 people and injured almost 400 in the city of Amatrice, in Italy. On the morning after, Charlie Hebdo, a newspaper recognized for its controversial humor about events of actuality, published a cartoon depicting the victims of the earthquake as different types of pasta, showing a bleeding man labelled ‘’Penne with tomato sauce’’, another one, severely bruised or burned, labelled ‘’Penne au gratin’’ and a pile of victims under a collapsed building, their legs and blood coming out of the rubbles, labelled as ‘’Lasagna’’.  

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The article entitled "Copping a Budget Plea" written by Jarrett Murphy, published in 2006, depicts the police misconducts, brutality, and misbehaviours in the New York City Police Department, and although it is not the only police force that has cases of bad police behaviour, it is certainly the most largest police department with the biggest reputation, so it is easier to retrieve more information out of it.

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An issue that has been brought up recently by the Globe And Mail is of a man, Mohammad Nouman Dasu, refusing to let his children go to their primary school’s mandatory music classes. This issue is extremely controversial, because it confronts the man’s religious beliefs, and Toronto’s school system.    

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The article “Colin Kaepernick Takes a Knee in Latest Anthem Protest” (2016) by Greg Beacham talks about how the NFL player Colin Kaepernick (who plays for the San Francisco 49ers) is protesting against different societal problems in American society such as police brutality, oppression and fighting for equality. He does this by sitting down (the first time) and taking a knee while the national anthem plays during the pre-game. This sparked a lot of controversy and many people criticized Kaepernick’s act for disrespecting the U.S. military and an American tradition.

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