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The article ‘’White teacher win $350K in Racial-Bias case’’ by Neal Colgrass in the Newser from August 9, 2014 explains that a black principal said harsh racist comments about white teachers and fired one of them for no valid reason.

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The article “Mario Balotelli’s Experience With Racism At World Cup Proves It’s Not a Thing Of the Past”, written for the Huffington Post Canada (no author) on june 27, 2014 explains that even if the majority of people think that racism is something from the past, it is not. Racism was really present in the last football World Cup. By example, racist remarks from soccer fans, media and even players from his own team affected Mario Balotelli, an Italian player. Even if he considers himself an Italian, he was attacked by racist messages because of his skin colour.

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In Donna Bowater’s article “Racism on Soccer Field in Brazil Still Hidden not so Deep Beneath the Surface”, posted on Al Jazeeri’s website on June 9th, 2014, we get sort of an insider’s point of view on racism in the sport, particularly in Brazil. She got statements from people who are involved in this world and that have witnessed this first hand.

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