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In 2008, the world-famous German automaker BMW released an ad for its pre-owned vehicle division that came under much criticism. The focal point of the ad is a close-up picture of an attractive woman making a seductive face at the camera. Below that, the tagline reads: “You know you’re not the first”. In its proper context this statement refers to the reader not being the first to drive a pre-owned BMW, and the sexual connotations of the tagline refer to the reader not being the first to engage in sexual activities with the woman, but both imply that the reader would enjoy it anyway.

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We live in a day and age where identity plays an incredibly vital role in our conception of the self. With the ever-rapid expansion of the digital world, we are pressed to consider the nature of our identities in a time where mediums like the Internet allow us to exist through identity alone. This evolution in our view of the self has led to dilemmas such as the ethical use of hormone blocking, in which prepubescent minors are given chemical treatment to prevent the onset of puberty, raising many questions about the moral implications of transgender treatment on children.

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