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A picture is worth a thousand words. Learning to take good photographs is therefore crucial in journalism. Pictures are complementary to journalistic articles, because they allow to catch the attention of the reader. A few basic photography rules are particularly important to know: the rule of thirds, the rule of odds and the rule of space. To begin, the rule of thirds is probably the most basic of all photography rules. It is about dividing a shot into nice equal sections by imagining vertical and horizontal lines, as it can be seen in figure 1.  

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In publicity, the advertising agencies have to deal with a lot of clients and work really hard to obtain contracts. The most requested skill by theses agencies is the ability to be a good orator. The pitch is the most important aspect of your campaign; learning how to deliver a clear and dynamic presentation is the key to obtaining contracts. No matter how strong an idea is, the way to present it can change its value to the client. To create a good pitch, the preparation and the structure need to be well planned.  

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How to become a flight attendant Being a flight attendant is a very beautiful profession but many people have prejudices against it, they think that everybody can do the job. In fact, the air hostess have to go through a very long and selective training process. The companies are always looking for a specific kind of person. To obtain the job, there are 3 main aspects. That person needs some basics resources and knowledge, a lot of tests and a long training.

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    Companies, artists…every organisation sometimes needs to gain a little bit more visibility to express news or to announce an event. And to be well considered by the media, organising a press conference is a good idea. But how to prepare a successful press conference? The place and the time should be well chosen and the information well-transmitted.  

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