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So, scientists from Harvard and MIT, by experimenting with photons, have successfully bonded two photons together. The exploit that had been thought impossible (or only theoretically possible) is very probably the beginning of a miraculous breakthrough in sciences. Ever heard of light sabers? That’s basically it. They very probably crated a new state of mater. But how did they manage to do such a thing? The principles behind these discoveries are really not simple. In an easier way, the team of scientist fired two photons through a cloud of atomic rubidium gas close to the absolute zero.

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A nanoparticle is a particle less than 100 nanometres in size which is 900 times smaller than a metre. It is smaller than a cell which is why they are really useful in medicine. For example, more than 2 000 nanoparticles could fit inside a red blood cell. Google is currently trying to produce nanoparticles that will detect cancer, heart attack and other diseases at an early stage than is now possible.

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 The article “Is Everyone a Little Bit Racist” by Nicholas Kristof emphasizes the idea that although many consider themselves none racist, they still act in a way that actually is. The author believes that the major issue is not racism itself but instead the people who believe themselves to be moderate and non-racists while acting otherwise. Through the use of evidence taken from surveys and experiences, Kristof proves that although some strongly believe in equality their actions suggest otherwise.

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The use of Internet and cellphone without restrictions could be bad for children as explained in the article "Ban Cellphones, Internet Use in Children's and teenagers' bedrooms, U.S Doctors Urge Parents" from the National Post, written by Lindsey Tanner.

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