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New Delhi’s ministry of urban development are presently developing a new project based on the principle of the “Smart City”1.  This project, which will touch 25 cities in India, has for objective to enhance the energy supply and its infrastructure. Plus, “at the Smart City Proposal Enhancement Workshop, the ministries of petroleum and natural gas, power, new and renewable energy and department of electronics and information technology made detailed presentations on various schemes that could be converged under smart city development for better results” (Sharma, 2015, para. 3).

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Obama is putting into action the Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated (IUU) Fishing Enforcement Act. The US is taking illegal fishing and seafood fraud much more seriously now. This act is to help prevent ships carrying illegal fish and other ocean products to the american market.

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Iskatewizaagega is a First Nation community located in Ontario on the north south of Shoal Lake. For more than centuries, fishing had been the main source of revenue for this community; fishery sustained First Nation families. In fact, “the people harvested everything from lake whitefish and white sucker to northern pike” (Troian, 2015, para.4).

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Climate change has engendered multiple impacts on Earth. Surprisingly, global warming threatens the survival of the sea turtles, more specifically the one of the Loggerheads species. Climate change, which changes the long-term patterns of both the temperature and rainfall, has an impact on the determination of the sex of the turtle. In fact, Loggerheads’ sex determination happens during incubation.

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Earth Overshoot Day, which is tracked by Global Footprint Network is the “date when our annual demand on the planet exceeds what Earth can regenerate.” (Osborne, 2015, para. 1). In other words, humanity lives beyond Earth’s ecological limits when passing Earth Overshoot Day.

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