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In this “SuitSupply” ad that has as its main goal to sell men suits for different occasions illustrates a man probably going to work in the morning. The male in the ad is shown as if he is about to perform sexual actions on the female in the picture laying on the counter of the kitchen half naked, and about to sip her cup of coffee. The woman is being used for the guy’s pleasure in the picture which makes her appear as if she's an object that is there to please the man every morning like a daily coffee cup.    

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          Released in Australia almost a decade ago, the advertisement “Trail of Destruction” featuring ZU Shoes sets as another example depicting the “ideal fashion” for women. It brings out the stereotypical and problematic message that women are meant to be seductive through the exaggerated reaction of the males in the advertisement.  

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In this Interview magazine picture a young well-known women named Kylie Jenner , is being held by a man;wearing provocative boudoir leather lingerie while the man holding her is all dress up , with a suit looking professional.

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